SuperTooth Buddy


supertooth buddy hands free car kitSuperTooth has made you a buddy. No it is not a remake of the Chucky looking doll, My Buddy from back in the 80’s. It is a new Bluetooth device that you can use in the car without having anything in your ear. I was able to test out the Buddy and it was an easy gadget to set up. A cool feature of the Buddy is that it connects to your phone automatically using Bluetooth 2.1 technology. My phone did not ask for a PIN to connect, but if your phone asks for a PIN, all you have to do is type “0000” and you are good to go. If you have two phones, lets say a personal phone and a work phone, you can pair up two phones simultaneously.

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The Buddy fits on your visor with a magnetic clip. The Buddy is lightweight and thin so it won’t distract you while driving, or weigh your visor down. The volume control is easily accessible as well as the end call button.  The sound quality of the Buddy was outstanding.  I was able to have clear conversations with anyone I would talk with on my phone.  I did not have to say “What….can you repeat that?” while using the Buddy.

Some phones when they are on speaker mode have an annoying echo during a conversation, but this product did not have that issue. Another great feature on the Buddy is the long battery life. The charge holds up to 1,000 hours of stand by time and 20 hours of talk time. The multi-function button in the picture above lets you know when a charge is needed. When you see a red light on the multi-function button you will need to charge the Buddy either by PC using a USB cable or a car charger and both come with the Buddy.

The Buddy allows you to use call waiting, voice recognition as long as your phone supports this feature, and a last call redial feature. I was happy with the Buddy from SuperTooth. For more info on the Buddy check out SuperTooth’s website and to purchase the Buddy which sells for $59.95, check out