Swedish People Dance During Lunch Hour

dance headerI love stories about Europeans having way more fun than us fuddy duddy Americans with our sticks up our asses and party-pooper mentalities. Therefore, upon reading that people in Sweden like to spend their lunch breaks bumping and grinding at a public gathering called Lunch Beat, I couldn’t help but shake my first in the air at their blatant disregard for productivity.

“It is absolutely fantastic!” exclaimed Asa Andersson, 33, who broke away from her job at a coffee shop to bust some moves last week. “It is the first time I’m here, I’m totally happy and ecstatic, totally covered in sweat and I’m full of energy. It does not get any better than this.”

Uh, hello? Ever hear of using a lunch hour to catch up on work or reread the employee manual? Dancing — psshaw! Last time I checked having a lust for life doesn’t pay the bills.

Lest you think it’s all fun and games at these impromptu danceathons, they do have Tyler Durden approved rules.

“The first rule of Lunch Beat is that you have to dance,” [organizer Daniel Odelstad] said while checking prepaid tickets at the door. “If you don’t want to dance during your lunch hour, then you should eat your lunch somewhere else.”

On second glance, I kinda like this alternative lunch idea. But cutting a rug is too ordinary. How about skydiving, or street racing, or bank robbing? Now that’s a lunch hour!

[Via SF Gate]