“Swiss Myths” with Michael Delaney

SwitzerlandThe folks at the Swiss tourism board reached out to let us know about their new video series, “Swiss Myths” with host Michael Delaney. Immediately the title made us yearn for some Swiss Miss hot chocolate, and wonder who Michael Delaney was. A quick trip to IMDB reminded us that he is an American comical actor, thus proving the first Swiss Myth true, there are no funny people born in Switzerland… at least that we could understand when they speak English.

We gave it a try anyways, and the videos aren’t bad. Here is the little trailer explaining the concept :

Honestly the opening scene with the train going over that massive arched bridge is all you would need to show me to convince me Switzerland is bad ass. Seriously, just look at these photos from their page:

Train Bridge

Mountain Train CHOO! CHOO!

So clearly this episode about transportation is my favorite…

To view the entire series, visit the tongue-in-cheek website, swissmyths.myswitzerland.com where visitors can learn the truth about Switzerland, and enter to win prizes – including the Grand Prize of an eight-day all expense paid trip, from Swiss Int. Air Lines and Globus Journeys, throughout the magnificent country. If you win, please take me with you, so I can ride the trains!