SyFy Monster Madness Bracket

SyFyMonsterMadness 560x241

The NCAA tournament is coming to a close and odds are your bracket was busted quite some time ago. Throughout March we see plenty of variations off of March Madness. Brackets are literally everywhere and range from food to music and mascots to vehicles.

SyFy now throws their hat into the ring with a Monster Madness tournament that runs from the end of March through the bulk of April.

The “tournament” is being held in celebration of SyFy releasing their 200th original film, Scream of the Banshee. The 32-round tourney will pit some of the most ridiculous creatures/monsters from some of SyFy’s most cheesy films.

Honestly, who hasn’t sat back late one night, flipped to SyFy and had a good laugh at some of the over the top acting and completely implausible scenarios? To borrow an overused expression, the movies SyFy ramps out are so bad they are good — and unintentionally hilarious.

Now you can decide which monster moves on, the Mega Pirahna or the Mothman, the Mansquito or the Flu Bird. The names of these things alone should be enough to pique your interest.

Check out the match-ups and vote for your favorites here.

PS- We here at GUNAXIN did a very similar competition last season with the giant monsters of the GODZILLA franchise. Hit that link to check it out! -Ed.