T-Mobile’s New Incentive to Pay Your Bills on Time: Boobs

85084 Jones TMobileA reader over at the Consumerist paid his bill promptly with T-Mobile, and in addition to the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you pay your bills on time, he got an extra incentive: boobs. When he logged into his profile page, suddenly the screen was filled with women, gorgeous women either pulling their shirts up or with their shirts happily already off.

T-Mobile claims it’s just a mistake, but we heartily disagree.  Rewarding your customer with porn is never, ever a mistake.  It should be a law, and we’re getting ready to petition Congress now.  Comment below and tell Congress that free pictures of boobs for timely payment isn’t just a good idea: it should be a law.

(For the ladies, we’ll put in a provision for Robert Pattinson photos or something.)