Tabasco is Still Hot

Tabasco Sauce

As I was perusing the hot sauce aisle in my local grocery store (look, just pretend I was for the sake of this article, okay? I typically don’t do the shopping, but my wife knows what I like) I stumbled across a brand new flavor from those Gods of the Heat over at Tabasco! Well, as soon as I saw it, it was all but pouring over some chips. Needless to say, I own it now… well, half of it as that’s all that remains after I’ve consumed fifty percent of it. It is amazing! The new flavor is called Sweet & Spicy and it has the typical Tobasco ‘strength’ with a nice ‘Asian Style’ to mellow it out with some sweetness. Just awesome. Check out the Tobasco site to get some info on this new flavor and all the others.


And while you’re enjoying your new bottle of Tabasco Sweet & Spicy that you’ve doubtlessly just rushed right out and bought, here are a slew of videos of T.V. ads for which this brand is famous.

A Classic

Another Classic

At the Restaurant

Tobasco and the Vampire

How to Kill a Mosquito

Pep it Again!

If the Camper’s Rockin’…

Tanning is Good!

Best Pizza Ad Ever