Taco Bell Rapping to Sell Tacos?

Picture 3 560x302If you’ve seen Transformers along with the rest of the country, then you have no doubt seen the new Taco Bell commercial. ‘It’s all about the Roosevelts’ refers to dimes, inferring low costs on menu items:

One of the latest examples of “viral video” advertising, they did a pretty good job putting it together, and the hot chicks don’t hurt. The video certainly has a bit of a Lonely Island feel, however it pays homage to some other classics as well. The line “I’m a big do, my pockets full of change” and the accompanying imagery remind me of this N.W.H. classic, ‘My Peanuts’:

That is followed by the line, “Throw the dimes in the air, kid, I’m makin’ it rain” of course reminding me of Fat Joe and Lil’ Wayne (or Pacman Jones). Then of course they also have the bouncing hydraulics car, a staple of rap videos. Do you see any other references to your favorites?

This isn’t Taco Bell’s first foray into Hip Hop or Rap advertising, although strangely enough they tend to use white guys in these commercials:

Those two were no doubt based on this video :

We’ll leave you with this one featuring Cha Ching, while we go to get some 5-Layer Nachos: