Teacher Jailed After Engaging in a Lesbian Relationship with a Student

teacherstudentsexmatrix 285x300Yes, it happened again. In the never ending parade of teacher-student sex stories, we have another entrant hailing from San Jose, California. I guess it’s time to bust out the Fark Teacher-Student Sex Matrix and see where this all female fling lands. Yep, lesbian relationship equals hot. That’s what I thought.

The Weekly Vice has the details and a picture of 24-year-old physical education teacher Rita Brum. That’s right a phys ed teacher. The lesbian jokes just write themselves. Brum was having a relationship with a 17-year-old student until being discovered by the girl’s mother. Details of the affair include a “long passionate kiss” and an eventual hair pulling brawl with the mother. Nice!

If you already clicked on the above link, you know the picture is a bit disappointing. So to fuel your fantasies, I present these photos instead:

sexy teacher



sexy student 300x300


That’s much better!