The Technion Menorah Lighter

Rube Goldberg 560x273

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist in the early part of the twentieth century. You know all of those ridiculously complex mouse traps in Tom And Jerry? They are all based on the cartoons of Rube Goldberg. In Israel, the engineers at Technion constructed a Rube Goldberg machine as a ‘better Menorah lighter’ for Hanukkah. You can watch the whole ridiculously complex process below:

Catch all of that? Neither did we the first thirty times we saw it. That is the reason why we went frame by frame to explain exactly what just awesomely happened.

Step 1. Helium Balloons Knock Down Dominoes

Technion Step One1 560x311

Step 2. Dominoes Release a Fan Cart

Technion Step Four 560x309

Step 3. A String is Pulled Which Fires a Ball

Technion Step Six 560x308

Step 4. The Balls Starts a Racecar

Technion Step Eight 560x306

Step 5. The Racecar Sets off a Pulley

Technion Step Twelve 560x306

Step 6. The Pulley Drops Balls Into a Drain

Technion Step Fifteen 560x308

Step 7. They Weight Fires Another Ball

Technion Step Twenty 560x307

Slide 8. Another Balll is Released on a Track

Technion Step Twenty Four 560x308

Step 9. The Ball Pushes a Spaceship

Technion Step Twenty Five 560x305

Step 10. The Spaceship Launches a Toy Truck

Technion Step Twenty Seven 560x304

Step 11. The Truck Starts a Bicycle Wheel

Technion Step Twenty Eight 560x305

Step 12. The Spinning Wheel Shoots a Ball

Technion Step Thirty One 560x303

Step 13. The Ball Starts a Computer

Technion Step Thirty Two 560x309

Step 14. The Robotic Arms Lights a Candle

Technion Step Thirty Nine 560x308

Step 15. The Robotic Arm Then Lights Candles

Technion Step Forty 560x301