Ten 2012 Summer Movies Made Better With The Avengers

The Avengers group shot 560x369

From the looks of things, The Avengers stands to make somewhere near a quadrillion dollars just in its first two weeks of release! Okay, maybe not quite that much, but I’d be willing to bet that its returns in the black will equal the National Debt’s red numbers, if that tells you anything. But there’s still a ton of summer movie season left and a ton of flicks slated for release nearly every Friday through the end of August. And aside from maybe three of those (Dark Knight, Spider-Man and Prometheus) not one stands out as a potential money-maker. So what can the studios do before it’s too late? Drop some Avengers in those films, that’s what!

That’s right! All they need to do is quickly rush back to their respective production offices and ‘Shop in any or all of those heroic cash cows and they’d have sure-fire hits on their hands. Even if the movies are new and exciting levels of suckiness, at least they’ll rake in some dough because there will be Avengers all up in ’em. So here are ten 2012 summer flicks that might just need the Avengers treatment. Enjoy and feel free to add your own to the comments!

Sparkle (With Nick Fury!)

sparkle movieposter NickFury 560x829

That’s My Boy (With Black Widow!)

thats my boy Black WIdow 560x829

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel… And Hulk

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel HULK

LOL! (With Captain America!)

lol poster CAP

Total Recall… And Hawkeye!

Total Recall 2012 Movie Hawkeye 560x830

The Dictator (With the Hulk!)

dictator ver3 HULK

Neighborhood Watch (Featuring Iron Man)

Neighborhood Watch movie Iron Man 560x829

Magic Mike and Captain America

Magic Mike Poster Cap

Rock Of Ages (Starring Iron Man!)

rock of ages movie Iron Man

Snow White & The Huntsman & Thor

Snow White Thor