Ten Best Get Crackin’ Pistachio Commercials

Gangnam Pistachio 560x315Today is apparently World Pistachio Day, and while I’m not personally a fan of Pistachios, I can appreciate their commercials. Over the past couple of years, the folks at Wonderful Pistachios have embarked upon an aggressive advertising campaign. One can only assume it’s an effort to make pistachios cool, as they’ve enlisted every internet sensation that will accept a check to pitch their nuts. Unfortunately they’ve removed some of the older ones from their channel, like Snookie and the Winklevoss twins, but in honor of the “holiday”, here are ten of our favorite currently available commercials :

10) Gangnam Style

9) Lucy

8) Secret Service

7) Village People

6) Kermit

5) Keyboard Cat

4) Snoop

3) Honey Badger

2) Mobster

1) Dominatrix