Classic Album Covers (with Lightsabers)


There is absolutely no denying the fact that Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. From it’s birth in 1977 til 2011 it has become a veritable staple of Pop Culture running the gamut from film, to literature, to video games, to toys, to every conceivable thing in between. So it stands to reason that a small piece of the Star Wars legacy -that of the iconic Lightsaber- become one with the American lexicon. In this case, I’m of course referring to classic album covers, as the title infers. Basically, let’s all imagine what it might be like if…

album Kiss DestroyerLightsaber


born in the usaLightsaber


Michael JacksonLightsaber

WishYouWereHereLightsabers 560x552



The Beach BoysLightsaber 560x560



nirvanaLightsaber 560x560

Oh, and all design work done by yours truly: Stew Miller. Just so ya know.