Ten Cool Things From Sky Mall

skymall 560x389

Editor’s Note : This feature republished from 2010 in honor of the recent SkyMall bankruptcy filing. Personally I welcome more room in my seatback pouch, but SkyMall did have some redeeming value…

My favorite reason to fly is so I can read SkyMall magazine. You know, the publication that sells gadgets that cook hot dogs and buns at the same time? But the problem with SkyMall is that once you’re off the plane, you totally forget about that stuff.

But we’re in the Internet age, so there’s no reason we should only be reminded of getting our hands on these things while flying. And not once have I seen, or passed, that mall in the sky. So let’s take a look at some cool products that we all want to get, and order them, too!

Mini Pinhole Nanny / Spy Wireless Color Video Camera with Microphone

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  • Wireless color pinhole camera
  • Camera metal bracket Stand for easy installation
  • Camera Signal Receiver
  • AC Adapter for camera & receiver
  • Battery Clip connector for camera

Star Wars Interactive R2D2 Astromech Droid Robot

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  • Grab his attention by saying “Hey, R2” and he’s ready for more than 40 voice commands
    Ask him if he remembers his famous friends, like Luke Skywalker, C-3PO or Jabba the Hutt, and each name will stir up a different response depending on R2’s “feelings” for that character
  • These are just a few of R2’s amazing attributes include moving along on his own, turning his front beam on and off, and even playing a secret message when you follow the proper voice commands
  • In “Game” mode, R2 plays multiple games and spins, dances and plays music, and he even guards your room with his sentry alarm

Pup Head Portable Dog Potty – Travel Dog Potty

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  • Easy to Use By All Size Dogs
  • No Pads to Replace, Easy To Clean
  • Optional Absorbent, Re-Washable – Reusable pads available
  • Antimicrobial Agents Infused In The Grass

Liquid Image Explorer Series 5.0MP Underwater Digital Camera Mask

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  • This is the world’s only swim mask that has an integrated waterproof digital video camera plus photographs at 5 mp
  • 16 mb nand flash ram
  • Operates to a depth of 15-feet / 5-metre and eliminates the need to hand carry an underwater camera
  • Ideal for snorkeling or swimming pools

King Tutankhamen’s Life-Size Sarcophagus

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  • 14 storage shelves
  • Hand-crafted of solid wood with resin details
  • Hand-painted

16th-Century Italian Armor Sculpture

51+yDlup6vL. SL500 AA300 Our amazingly detailed, six-foot-tall, full-sized medival suit on a museum mount is crafted from quality designer resin and finished in faux silver and brass. So realistic that it even features faux chain mail, faux leather strapping and a hinged helmet that opens, it embodies the chivalry of the Renaissance and the ancient art of armor. Wielding a nearly seven-foot-tall halberd, this work of decorative art is fit for a king! 22.5″Wx18″Dx72″H. 60 lbs.

Life size Crocodile statue home garden sculpture large

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  • More than four feet of life-size menace for your garden!
  • Each scale is finished with the utmost authenticity
  • Lifelike creature
  • Quality designer resin

The Spirit of Nottingham Woods Tree Sculpture

61mAHIujOUL. SL500 AA300

  • Cast in quality designer resin
  • A Design Toscano Exclusive
  • Bring your tree to life with this realistic sculpture

Fairy of the West Wind Sitting Sculpture

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  • Cast in quality designer resin
  • Finished in faux stone

Bigfoot: The Garden Yeti Statue

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  • Design Toscano Exclusive
  • Cast in quality designer Resin
  • A unique piece sure to get noticed in your garden
  • Excellent for any garden holiday display
  • Hand-painted details