Ten Cool Transformers Ads With Ten Creepy Kids

trans 154x300So I was perusing YouTube in search of G.I Joe toy commercials for my 8-year old son and I to watch. See, he’s not that big into army men, and really doesn’t have too firm a grasp (a ‘Kung-Fu’ grip, if you will) on what a G.I Joe is (oh, don’t worry, he loves Batman, Castle Knights, and Transformers, lest you think less of the boy) other than a mention or two or seeing a few in the toy store. Anyway, I told him that these toy soldiers represented the cornerstone of roughly three full years of my childhood and he wanted to see what the big deal was.

So, there we were eyeing old ads when he spotted a link to an 80’s Transformer commercial for the toys and wanted to see it. I clicked, we watched, and we both just lost it when the kid appears in the half-way point mouthing, “ROBOTS IN DISGUISE”. The kid was so creepy and so stunning that we had to go on a new pilgrimage to ferret out any more ads like it. Oh, and were there. And so the list idea was born. Each one of these features a different kid prominently in the commercial showing off his Demonic eyes and ravenous, Chicklet-like teeth wailing the above mentioned line. Laugh along, won’t you? It’s fun!


Here Come the DINOBOTS!
Attack of the Creepy Kid, Part 1


Here Come the INSECTICONS!
Creepy Kid 2: Electric Boogaloo


Part 3: The Return of the Creepy Kid


The Amazing Arialbots Vs. The Astounding Stunticons!
Part 4: Nothing Can Stop the Creepy Kid


Springer and the Junkions!
Part 5: The Rise of the Creepy Kid


Perceptor and Blitzwing!
Part 6: Creepy Kid Escapes From the Tomb


Six Shot (Six Damn Robots and 3 Friggin Kids)!
Part 7: The Call of the Creepy Kid


Many Transformers Including Grapple and Thrust!
Part 8: The Madness of the Creepy Kid


The Constructicons and Devistator!
Part 9: The Penultimate Machinations of the Creepy Kid


Omega Supreme!
Part 10: The Fall of the House of the Creepy Kid