Ten Famous Women Who Might Be Men

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Every now and then, you see a woman who just doesn’t look, you know, like a chick. And it makes you wonder, is she really a dude? Now, even if she turns out to be a woman, she still has the ‘male look,’ if not the hermaphrodite rumors. Lady Gaga is the most recent star to have those rumors (but I don’t think she really looks like a man). Here are some of those women who look like men, and the men who they look like.


pink photo

People say that Pink has a nice body, but I’ve never seen it because I can’t get past that train wreck of a face. Looks like: Johnny Rotten.


Jamie Lee Curtis

jamie lee curtis

Here’s a woman who is rumored to be a hermaphrodite. Notice the similarities between her and Tim Robbins?

tim robbins

Serena Williams

serena williams denim

If there were a female A-Team, she’d be Mr. T.

mr t blue

Rachel Dratch


If ever a last name fit the description, it’s Rachel, cause people grab their throat and scream DRATCH when they see her. This is despite the fact that she is genuinely funny. Who does she look like? Chris Kattan in drag.

CorkyRomano 2001 img 2 e1275288307710

Rosie O’Donnell


La lova num botaffa!

jabbarotj e1275288015272

Diane Keaton

diane 300x500

It’s possible it was just the once, when Keaton wore this outfit, the rumors flew… Perhaps she should’ve played Chaplin instead of Robert Downey, Jr.
charlie chaplin

Glenn Close

glenn close as lapd cop

… looks like boy wonder Rick Schroder

Janet Reno

msreno tm

…looks like comedian Patton Oswalt.


Whoopi Goldberg

040726 scoop whoopi hmed.hmedium tm

…looks like Rick James, Bitch!

rick james0

And finally…

Penny Marshall

Picture 1

… looks like Ozzy Osbourne. Guess which is which.


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