Ten Fun Facts About the Year the Original TRON Was Released

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TRON: Legacy, the long-awaited sequel to the classic sci-fi/fantasy flick TRON, opens today. I, for one, can’t wait to get derezzed at my local multiplex. For those too young to remember, the original TRON was released way back in 1982. It was an innocent time when some old B-actor was President and MTV was barely on the pop culture radar. I was but a wee lad in those days and while I recall vividly seeing the movie, I don’t remember much else about the other 364 days from that year. So, to help celebrate the release of TRON 2.0, I figure a trip down memory lane is in order. Here are ten fun facts about the year 1982, which you may or may not know.


Britain Invades the Falkland Islands

The 74-day war between Britain and Argentina resulted in the death of 909 soldiers and civilians. It was fought over the names and sovereignty of a large group of islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. A far as military conflicts go, this one was brief. The USA prefers long-drawn-out wars with no end in sight rather than bush-league crap that lasts only a few months.

1982 falklands


Bette Davis Eyes Wins Song of the Year

This damn song played ad nauseum on the radio back in the day. It was the definition of a one-hit wonder, but Carnes had a little Farrah Fawcett thing going, which was nice.

1982 bette


Cheers Premieres on NBC

Nobody knew then that the place where everyone knows your name would go on to become one of the most beloved and lauded sitcoms in the history of television. Eleven seasons, 270 episodes and 117 Emmy nominations. The small screen doesn’t seem the same without Sam, Diane and the rest of the gang.

1982 cheers


Cats Opens On Broadway

It ran for 18 years and I still have no idea what the hell is was about. A bunch of guys and gals dressed in cat suits dancing and singing? Sounds like my first wedding. *rimshot*

1982 cats


Henry Fonda Dies

At the age of 77. Fonda was one of the actors who defined the Golden Age of Hollywood. Be it common man, ruthless villain or curmudgeonly grandfather, he could play all the roles and starred in over 100 projects throughout his brilliant career.

1982 fonda


Italy Wins the World Cup

Viva Italia! I’ve never been a big soccer, er, futbol fan, but the World Cup is one of the most celebrated sporting events on the planet. If only the US could get themselves a team capable of winning, maybe more Americans would care.

1982 worldcup


Bryant Gumbel Named Co-Host of The Today Show

From sports reporter to male host on the most watched morning show on TV. Not bad. He held the gig for 15 years. Can currently be seen on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

1982 Gumbel


Joe Montana Wins MVP of Super Bowl XVI

157 yards passing and two total touchdowns aren’t mind-blowing numbers, but Joe Cool made all the right decisions and no mistakes. It would be the first of three Super Bowl MVPs he would win in his career.

1982 Montana


Military Conducts Nuclear Tests In Nevada

I thought all those pesky nuke tests ended in the ’70s, but truth be told the government continued “experimenting” up until 1992 at the Nevada Test Site. The results of the testing were as follows: nuclear weapons are bad.

1982 mushroom


Jessica Biel Is Born

And the world rejoiced. I could (and have) stare at pics of Biel for hours upon hours. Ass, breasts, face, big toe, she is the total package. Bless her parents for doing the nasty.

1982 biel