Ten Funny Sports Broadcast Voices

major league 20090511025732171 000Some people sound like they’re cartoons. While they’re fun to mock, it’s the more prominent people, from sports or politics, that present themselves on a grand stage for us all to laugh at in unison. Here are ten sports broadcasters who could easily voice a Muppet. Know more, particularly on the local level or internationally? Name them in the comments.

54 john madden 75x75


John Madden

This is an obvious one. Check out PureStyle’s Top Ten John Madden Quotes.

smith 75x75


Tommy Smyth

Because he’s Irish, okay? And he’s announcing American soccer. And yes, they’re always after his Lucky Charms.

bill walton 75x75


Bill Walton

I never actually heard him say a real word, it’s more like an extended DUUUUUUUUUUUH.

alg andrescantor 75x75


Andrés Cantor

Cantor is famous for his signature call of “¬°GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!”, which he originated while working at Univisi√≥n, making him popular with American audiences. He first used it at the 1990 FIFA World Cup, but it became especially popular during the 1994 World Cup, which was held in the United States.

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Shannon Sharpe


dm 090822 ncf lou holtz 75x75


Lou Holtz
College Football

The Sports Junkies, four guys who host a D.C. area sports radio show, have an alternate meaning for ‘Lou Holtz.’ They’re talking about their junk (check it out on urbandictionary.com).

Craig 75x75


Craig Laughlin
NHL – Washington Capitals

Laughlin is a former professional hockey player and currently the color commentator for the Washington Capitals on Comcast SportsNet. Not only does he sound like he’s on helium, but he says funny things, like ‘He put the biscuit in the basket.’ I just hope he doesn’t see this as we’re both in the press area at the same time during Washington Capitals home games.

cosell 75x75


Howard Cosell

Yes, even the man who practically invented sports announcer broadcasting gets a place on this list.

medium avery 75x75


Avery Johnson

Here’s how to sound like Avery Johnson: suck a balloon of Helium and develop a Southern twang.

p1 harrycarey2 getty 75x75


Harry Carey
MLB – Chicago Cubs

The most famous man in Chicago sounded funnier and funnier the older he got. May he RIP.