Ten Great Basketball Shots to Use in Horse

For NBA All-Star Weekend, GEICO will once again be sponsoring a H.O.R.S.E. competition. This year’s three entrants are defending champion Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo, and Omri Casspi.

The game will use a traditional format in which three players will establish the playing order. Once a shot is made, the next player in the predetermined order will attempt the same shot. If that player misses, he is assigned a letter (ex. H for the first miss, O for the second, etc.). The player following the miss can pick a new shot with which to challenge his competitors. There is no dunking allowed and players will have 24 seconds each to create and mimic shots. Players remain in the game until they have missed five shots following made baskets, thus spelling the word H-O-R-S-E. An NBA referee will be assigned to authenticate the new shots (that the player executed what he announced) and any mimic shot.

The bonus is that it adds an element of creativity to the shots. As fans, it should be a treat to watch as we haven’t seen a good shot for shot competition since Michael Jordan and Larry Bird battled it out for a Big Mac:

To give you guys some ideas of what would be great H-O-R-S-E shots, here are ten of the craziest, luckiest, or simply fluky shots that would defeat anyone in a game of Horse:

10. Off the bench from a seated position

Paul Pierce demonstrates this one with ease.

9. From Your Back

Going one degree harder, you move from a seated position to a lying down position.

8. Face Shot

You’ll need some help on this one, either someone to pass off your face, or work a pass to yourself by throwing the ball off an object.

7. The Bounce Shot

Simple idea, harder to execute. This guys does a great one after a short warm-up.

6. Behind the Back

Like the Bounce Shot, the idea is simple. You can add distance to increase the degree of difficulty.

5. Kick Shot

Basketball players are not usually noted for their soccer skills, so this one is always a good bet.

4. The No Look

Not the fake Dee Brown no look, but literally running the other direction from the basket (and yes this guy scored in the wrong basket, but no need to worry about that in Horse).

3. Long Distance

It always looks cool, and who’s going to match you on 90 footers?

2. Fluke Shot

You could probably never do this one again if you tried. It’s no look and behind the backboard, but if you make then you got a letter on everyone.

1. The Combo

Just combine virtually everything on this list into one shot and you get this. With a little practice, you could get good at it. Plus, for added difficulty, call “Glass”.

And remember, anyone can be good at Horse. This guy is living proof:

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