Ten Great Horror Movies For Kids

Jaws Feature 560x219Horror movies for kids? Sure! It’s never to early to get your bravest child introduced to the wide world of Horror! And who knows, that child might grow up to be someone like me: a mildly twisted individual who loves all things Horror and watches anything he can get his greedy eyes on!

But one, especially a parent, must be diligent when choosing a Horror film to inoculate said child. There is a fine line between a safe Horror movie and one that’s going to fill your kids’ heads with nightmares, because the last thing you need is a sleepless kid you scarred for life. So where does this leave you? Well, follow along and you, too will see that there are plenty of scary movies you and your kids will enjoy!

10. Beetlejuice

Though not strictly a Horror movie in the definitive sense, it does have a plethora of horrific elements, some of which are a little creepy. From the mind of Tim Burton, this wacky romp follows the exploits of a recently deceased couple tricked into conjuring a ghost to help them navigate death. This is, of course, Beetlejuice and what follows is nothing short of mayhem. A great movie for kids!

9. Van Helsing

Though not a great movie over all, Van Helsing does have its charms. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine and a fun popcorn movie that features Hugh Jackman as the classic monster Hunter tasked with destroying Dracula and any other creature who gets in his way. Cool for kids with a ton of fun action.

8. Ghoulies (and its sequels)

Now we’re getting a little more into creepier themes while still maintaining a light, goofy sensibility over all. In this set of films, a group of tiny demons are released thanks to a kid dabbling in his late father’s somewhat-Satanic rituals. Don’t worry, the themes don’t stick around long and it’s just a ride watching the Ghoulies wreak their own special brand of havoc.

7. The Gate

Moving a little deeper into the ‘scary’ spectrum, The Gate features a group of kids who unearth a pit leading to what is likely Hell, though is never said specifically. Regardless, once the hole is opened, all kinds of beasts and spooky happenings begin to occur and it takes the combined smarts of the children to put it all right. Yes it’s a bit of a chiller, but older kids will really dig the heroics.

6. Poltergeist

Really? Yeah, really. Bare with me here: there is almost no blood (save for a pretty cool yet only quickly graphic face-peeling scene), a tightly-knit family atmosphere, and hey, you might just learn something about ghosts! Right? Okay, younger audiences might scare easily, but Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg do a great job of holding down the terror just enough. It should appeal to teenagers and adults alike.

5. Jaws

Kids think sharks are cool anyway, so why not show them the movie that kept folks out of the water for years? Jaws is great with an excellent story, cool cinematography, and just enough blood to soothe even the most gore-loving child! Watch together as the heroes attempt to kill a shark that really doesn’t want to die! But don’t really watch the sequels, they just kind of ruin the joy of the original.

4. Gremlins (and its sequel)

More fun than totally scary, Gremlins is a great Horror movie for kids who like little monsters running around torturing everyone they meet! Plus, it teaches children responsibility especially when an old Asian man implores them not to break important rules of mystic pet ownership! Sometimes cute can also mean really, really deadly.

3. Teen Wolf

Riding his wave of superstardom began back in the early 80’s with Back to the Future, Michael J. Fox took his turn as a teenaged werewolf in Teen Wolf, and though not specifically a Horror movie per se, wolfmen are cool and so is Mr. Fox. This flick is funny, full of feels, and just enough goofy to allow everyone to love it! Show your kids how cool the 80’s were with this one!

2. Ghostbusters (and its sequel)

Who doesn’t love Bill Murray, Dan Ayroid, Harold Ramis, and Rick Moranis? No one, that’s who! So when you hand a few of them a backpack with the powers to ensnare ghosts, well, then you’re on to something! A few scary moments aside, children are really gonna love the action, witty quips, and awesome heroics of the amazing, yet bumbling, Ghostbusters!

1. The Monster Squad

When you combine the idea behind Goonies with a slew of classic Universal Horror Movie Monsters, you get magic and you get The Monster Squad! Great special effects, a surprisingly heart-felt story, and kids that aren’t downright annoying, this film packs it all in and is great for all ages. Yes, there are scary parts, as there should be, but the heroics and fun more than compensates.