Ten Great New Year’s Flicks

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Hey! Guess what? It’s almost New Year’s Eve and then it’s finally 2022! How exciting is that? Hopefully that means no more COVID-19. What else do we have to look forward to next year? New movies based on old movies? Maybe even a few of those movies will have a New Year’s theme like that 2011 gem, New Year’s Eve. It didn’t make our list (with a 7% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), but here are ten other films that take place around New Years for your festive film viewing pleasure this week:

10) The Poseidon Adventure

Why do we like it? Who wouldn’t want to watch a giant boat sinking on New Year’s while a whale-ish Shelley Winters drowns?

9) About A Boy

Why do we like it? Because Rachel Weisz is hot as hell no matter what damn day it is.

8) The Hudsucker Proxy

Why do we like it? Because combining the Coen Brothers with Sam Raimi is ALWAYS cool, regardless of the bizarre outcome.

7) Assault on Precinct 13

Why do we like it? Because, as a remake, this one has significantly more ‘happens on New Year’s Eve’ in it. Plus, Morpheus!

6) 200 Cigarettes

Why do we like it? Christina Ricci and Gabby Hoffman in sexy attire with ridiculous Jersey accents. What more do you want?

5) Ocean’s 11

Why do we like it? Because as an original masterpiece starring the Rat Pack, you have to like it or Sinatra’s ghost will have you whacked.

4) The Godfather II

Why do we like it? Because, much like The Empire Strikes Back, this sequel is far superior to the original. Also Robert De Niro will have you whacked!

3) When Harry Met Sally

Why do we like it? Billy Crystal is a stitch! Oh, and the greatest orgasm-scene-that-wasn’t in cinema history!

2) Trading Places

Why do we like it? Four words: Topless. Jamie. Lee. Curtis.

1) Four Rooms

Why do we like it? Because seeing Tim Roth run around like a lunatic in a hotel trying to appease numerous guests is awesome! And Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino… that’s why.