Ten Memorable Movie Pimps

PimpsFlashy threads. A kickin’ ride. Ladies who know their place. It takes a lot to punch the pimp card. Like most professions, pimps come in all shapes and sizes. Some are cruel, ruthless monsters who enjoy smackin’ a bitch across the face. Others prefer a smoother approach in handling the ladies. Then there are those who dream of a better life, away from the corner. Whether flamboyant, scary, or both, the big screen has featured a wide variety of hustlers throughout the years. Here are ten of the best. (Warning: most of these clips are NSFW, unless you happen to work for a pimp, then I’m sure he won’t mind)

10. DJay – Hustle and Flow

D Jay 75x75

Who knew pimps could suffer a midlife crisis? DJay is tired of slingin’ rock and prostituting girls on the streets of Memphis. He wants to be a rapper. Terrence Howard nabbed an Oscar nom and Three 6 Mafia won a golden statue for the song “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp.”

9. Lumley and Blazejowski – Night Shift

NightShift 75x75

This mismatched duo transform a graveyard shift at the morgue into a cash cow call girl service. Chuck provides the business acumen, while “Blaze” supplies the energetic personality. Together, they turn the New York City sidewalks into their own. This was Director Ron Howard’s first big hit.

8. Sport Matthew – Taxi Driver

sport matthew 75x75

Harvey Keitel shines when he plays creeps. Sport is so scummy, he keeps underage girls in his stable. He’s got his own look too: long black hair topped with a white-banded lid. He’s quick, but not quick enough to dodge a bullet from the gun of a deranged Travis Bickle.

7. Doctor Detroit – Doctor Detroit

doctor detroit 75x75

From nebbish professor to Motown’s number one pimp. The Doctor dresses the part, looks the part and talks the part. Truth be told, Doc Detroit is a complete and utter whack job. You won’t find a more over-the-top or ridiculous performance from Dan Aykroyd. And what’s the deal with the glove?

6. Flyguy – I’m Gonna Git You Sucka

flyguy 75x75

Keenan Ivory Wayans lampoons everyone and everything in this riotous spoof of ’70s blaxploitation films. None more so than Flyguy, an outlandish pimp who sports a zebra-striped sombrero, platform shoes with gold fish in the heels, and a walking cane. Flyguy is very fly, indeed.

5. Ramrod – Vice Squad

Ramrod 75x75

Ramrod isn’t one of those “good” pimps. He’s a brutal madman who sees no problem murdering one of his girls if she misbehaves. He isn’t big on style either, unless you call tacky western shirts stylish. No, Ramrod is a vindictive son-of-a-bitch who hates pretty much everyone, except himself.

4. Drexl – True Romance

Drexl 75x75

Gary Oldman could sing children’s songs while wearing a banana suit and he would still be scary. The scarred face, gold teeth, dreadlocks and leopard print robe sums up Drexl. He talks the talk and walks the walk. “It ain’t white boy day, is it?” If not for Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken, Oldman would have stolen the flick.

3. Goldie – The Mack

Goldie 75x75

Goldie goes from drug dealer to convict to Oakland’s premier pimp. He’s a cold-hearted brother who cares about one thing only: bitches gettin’ his money. Goldie doesn’t choose his ladies, they choose him. In his mind, pimpin’ is a way out of the poverty stricken ghetto of his youth.

2. Fast Black – Street Smart

street smart 75x75

Morgan Freeman nabbed a Best Supporting Oscar nomination for his intense portrayal of the intimidating Fast Black. Fast isn’t keen on girls leaving the nest. Bitches who betray him are subject to punishment. If the back of his hand isn’t persuasive, a pair of scissors come in handy.

1. Dolemite – Dolemite

dolemite 75x75

As if keeping his flock in line isn’t tough enough, Dolemite has to deal with cops framing him for crimes he didn’t commit. He and his army of kung fu kicking hoes wreak havoc across the city. Often quoted and never forgotten, Dolemite is one bad mutha….