Three Bowling Tips to Woo the Ladies

big lebowski jeff bridges steve bus 560x234We all know nothing woos the ladyfolk better than a sportsman. And while ten pin bowling is one of the less labor intensive sports out there, it still provides you plenty of opportunity to wow women with your considerable sporting prowess.

But what if you suck at ten pin bowling? No, it doesn’t necessarily mean a lifetime of ridicule from the opposite sex (you may have other redeeming features, after all), but it goes without saying that the capacity to bowl strikes at will is a good man-skill to possess.

Looking to impress at the bowling alley? Then listen up…

…take a look at our Top 3 tips for wooing the ladies with your ten pin bowling skills:


Don’t worry, we’re not talking about some sort of divine inspiration here, we’re talking, of course, about this guy:

the big lebowski 3 560x315

He is, perhaps, a little on the intense side but there’s no doubting The Big Lebowski’s Jesus was a hit with the ladies with some of the moves he busted out at the bowling alley. Want to be an instant hit down at your regular bowling haunt, it’s as simple as following in Jesus’ footsteps!


ernie mccracken e1343425128391 560x292Obviously, women need to be stimulated visually, and not just by your capabilities with a bowling ball. So, make sure you spend a little extra time when picking out your bowling shirts. There are some cracking examples out there which would put Big Ern’ McCracken to shame. If you have any hope of being a hit with the ladies at the bowling alley, be sure to take a look at some of the men’s bowling shirts below which will definitely stand you in good stead:


fysdxkWhile practicing is boring, it’s the only way you’re going to get good enough at bowling to impress women the world over.

Ten pin bowling is, in theory, a devilishly simple sport – it’s just knocking some pins over with a ball after all. But when the eyes of ladyfolk are upon you, any semblance of skill is likely to desert you and you’ll be bowling gutter balls aplenty and offending the sensibilities of anyone within earshot of your lane.

Well, this problem can be overcome by practicing and honing your bowling technique. By spending hours on end at your local Mega Bowl, you’ll soon be bashing pins at will and leaving women putty in your hands in no time.