Ten Reasons Why Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Rules

Labyrinth feature

There are a few movies from our childhood that have risen to cult-status, and Jim Henson’s 1986 film Labyrinth, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, is a classic example. The combination of a large maze, goblin muppets, music and an angry dwarf captured our imaginations, and we still appreciate it. Only ten reasons, you ask? Yes, there are more than ten reasons why this movie rules, but here are the top ones that come to mind. And don’t forget to buy Labyrinth on Blu-ray!


Jennifer Connelly

Labyrinth SarahBook
Sure she’s only 15 in this movie, but we were much younger when we first saw it and obsessed over this hottie. When she won the Academy Award for A Beautiful Mind, Henson fans were applauding for Sarah Williams, and we were hoping she’d scream to Hollywood, “You have no power over me!”




Whether he’s spraying fairies to kill them, or obsessing over plastic jewelry, Hoggle the curmudgeonly dwarf is the guy you root for even though he’s a prick. You know he’ll redeem himself in the end, and that he does. Check out these photos of Hoggle getting restored. Also see Gunaxin’s Tribute to Hoggle.


Sir Didymus

Sir Didymus is the chivalrous, fox-like knight with his trusty steed, Ambrosius.



labyrinth ludo 560x276
Ludo is ultimately a bit of a flake, but the fact that he’s a huge, horned, hairy beast roaming though the Labyrinth is awesome.


The Bog of Eternal Stench

First of all, this is where we learned what the word ‘bog’ means, and secondly, how awesome is it that there’s a place that’ll make you stink forever if you fall into it?


The Soundtrack

labyrinth soundtrack

With Trevor Jones composing, and David Bowie singing, we’re treated to the sounds of Magic Dance, Underground, and other imagination-bending tunes. Buy Labyrinth: The Original Soundtrack from Amazon.


The Masquerade Ball

labyrinth ball 560x416

What is a fantasy film without a hallucinogen-induced masquerade ball? It taught us kids what to expect when we got around to seeing Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut about 15 years later.


The Fire Gang

These detachable-limbed revelers were a bit freaky but we looked on with amazement as they took off their arms, legs and heads, sang “Chilly Down” and chased away Sarah. By the way, these guys have a Facebook page.


The Goblins

labyrinth sb dvd image 08

Yes, that was Ewok Warwick Davis running around in some of those costumes. How great were these guys? Hiding out in a toddler’s room and snatching him… running away from rolling rocks through their city as Ludo howled… and of course getting kicked around by Jareth.


Jareth’s Castle

labyrinth 082007

I wanted to see this film the second I saw the commercial with the multi-dimensional, M. C. Escher-inspired castle, with Jareth flipping over the stairs. And I still get the chills when I see Toby go to the ledge.

The Worst Thing About Labyrinth

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Ugh. David Bowie’s junk is bigger than Hoggle’s nose.