Ten Reasons Why Plaxico Burress Shot Himself

plaxico 300x168News has leaked that New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg Friday. Now it begs the question as to why? We at Gunaxin have a couple of ideas:

10. His opponent in fantasy football was starting him this week and he decided to “show” him.

9. He was snipe hunting.

8. It was the first time all year he managed to find his way around a safety and he just got too excited.

25871 512x288 manicured w4ath8wv5eacrmcgp55sg 75x757. He’s been watching too much 8 Mile and Cheddar Bob is his favorite character.

p burress 080203 ia 75x756. The playoffs were coming and he felt he needed to even the playing field a little. I mean he can still burn Ellis Hobbs on one leg.

5. He wants to join the Oakland Raiders and thought this was a guaranteed in.

4. He simply decided to shoot off something other than his mouth for once.

3. He thought he was at the movies. Just ask Chris Rock

pacman jones 75x752. He is involved in an ultimate game of one-upsmanship with Adam “Pac-Man” Jones. Your move Pac-Man.

1. He was Keepin’ It Real.