Ten Turkey Toons for Thanksgiving

peanuts thanksgiving table 560x318So what is this Thanksgiving deal all about, anyway? Is it to celebrate the shared harvest between two seemingly incompatible groups of people; one a new colony escaping religious oppression, the other a race of kind savages who knew enough to keep their new friends alive with their knowledge of crops and their environment? Or is it a more modern thing where we just needed another excuse to gather together as a family, the definition of which as sadly become kind of a joke? Or, perhaps it’s just another reason to swill beer and stare at a football game. Hell, I say it’s none of these. Nope, for me it’s a really awesome reason to watch some classic bits of animation! Enjoy!

Turkey Shoot

Jerky Turkey

Holiday For Drumsticks


Tom Turk and Daffy

A Bonkers Thanksgiving

Bugs Bunny’s Thanksgiving Diet

 The Mouse on the Mayflower

The Little Orphan

Pilgrim Popeye

The Thanksgiving That Almost Wasn’t

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving