Seven TV Characters That Make Awesome Halloween Costumes

Duck DynastyTired of cutting eyeholes in a white sheet? Too fat for that Darth Vader getup? Looking for something a little different in the way of a costume this Halloween? Why not turn to the small screen for inspiration? Here’s a pack of recent TV characters that would make excellent costume alternatives. And no, we didn’t include Duck Dynasty.

7) Sterling Archer – Archer

Costume requirements: Dark gray suit, tie clip, silenced handgun, massive ego, mommy issues

sterling archer 00425285 560x420Those unfamiliar with the world’s most dangerous spy might confuse you for James Bond. Don’t fret. Just botch a couple of witty one-liners, act like a complete ass and drop some Burt Reynolds references. People will eventually catch on.

DSC06861 560x420

6) Annie – Community

Costume requirements: Patterned dress, solid-colored sweater, schoolgirl innocence, huge rack

annie2 community 041112Perfect for the ladies, or the fellas out there who enjoy exploring their feminine side. You know who you are. Ditch the sexy nurse duds and roll with the sexy community college co-ed outfit. You’ll earn major points with those who recognize smart comedy.

Annie 560x533

5) The Sons of Anarchy – Sons of Anarchy

Costume requirements: Leather kutte, body ink, facial hair, criminal record, murderous intent

936full sons of anarchy photo 560x371

Pick your favorite “Son.” Jax, Clay, Opie, Tig, Bobby, Chibs, and Juice are all suitable choices. Or you could shave your head and go as Happy, although you’ll be required to kill and/or torture someone before the night is over.

Sons 560x217

4) Nucky Thompson – Boardwalk Empire

Costume requirements: Prohibition era wool suit, homburg hat, red carnation, stack of cash, corrupt disposition

nucky thompson shoes boardwalk empire 560x372Crime bosses of yesteryear sure did have style and panache. So, if you’re looking to class things up a bit this Halloween, you could do a lot worse than the Atlantic City kingpin. To inject a dose of realism, be sure to get arrested for election fraud. Richard Harrow would certainly be scarier, but he requires much more effort :

6299216761 3873ed8f42 z 560x371

3) Dexter Morgan – Dexter

Costume requirements: Cargo pants, skin-tight brown shirt, black gloves, bladed weapon, dark passenger

a 560x375

Obvious choice here. Serial killers are a staple on October 31st. This is especially appropriate for anyone going to a party attended by an unpunished murderer. An evening of drinking spiked punch and disembowelment sounds lovely.

clintdavis 101029a

2) Walter and Jesse – Breaking Bad

Costume requirements: Yellow or orange hazmat suits, gas masks, bag of blue meth, love-hate relationship

breaking bad jesse walter 560x315

Dressing as a meth addict is so 2005. Meth chemists are totally in vogue thanks to Breaking Bad. Don’t forget to act paranoid at all times and engage in at least one loud disagreement.

gopNl 560x373

1) Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead

Costume requirements: Deputy sheriff’s uniform, trooper hat, Colt Python .357 Magnum, leadership skills, hero complex

Rick Grimes1

You’ll be the envy of many a partygoer when you arrive sporting the attire of America’s favorite TV undead hunter. After saving Annie from Archer’s drunken clutches, find a zombie and shoot it in the brain. It will be a Halloween to remember.

Rick Grimes 560x336