Ten TV Shows You Never Knew Existed

Manimal TV series

For all the popular shows in the world there are those other ones. Shows that fall through the cracks and for good reason. Check these out.



Melody Anderson and a dude that can change into animals? Sold!


The Invisible Man

David McCallum was cooler in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., but the effects in this were pretty cutting edge for their time.



This one… just watch, it’s a little hard to explain.


Holmes and Yoyo

What is it about cops and their weird — in this case — robot, partners? It was still fun.


The Phoenix

This is just weird.


Future Cop

Ernest Borgnine, John Amos and a android? Gold, baby! Pure Gold! And when Amos says,”That’s the fastest white boy I ever seen,” it’s classic racist television.


Gemini Man

A secret agent who can turn invisible for short periods of time. Kind of a boring spin on The Invisible Man.


Bigfoot and Wildboy

You heard me, a show where Bigfoot raises a kid and they have adventures. It’s the coolest, baby!


The Monster Squad

Not the movie, but the cheesy ’70s TV show. Gopher from Love Boat teams up with Dracula, Wolfman and Frankenstein to fight crime and have some laughs.


The New People

Is it me or does watching this make me think that Lost wasn’t a very original idea? We’ll finish up with this one.