Ten Worst Films of 2008

hottienottie08 300x185The fine folks over at Get The Big Picture have put together a list of the Ten Worst Films of 2008. After a quick perusal, I am happy to say that none of our Top 20 Men’s Movies of 2008 made the list. This confirms to me that professional critics don’t hate our list, just pretentious assholes on Digg. Go to the site to read about each film and the reasons for the selections, but for your convenience we have posted the list below. These movies should not be given as Christmas Gifts, unless you are planning some sort of Yankee Swap joke.

Allow this quote from the article to get you in a properly cynical mood :

The men and women responsible are con artists, selling you a bad bill of goods. The studios and filmmakers responsible don’t give a continental damn about you. They don’t want to entertain you, they don’t want to engage you. They just want to steal your money.

1 – Disaster Movie
2 – The Love Guru
3 – Over Her Dead Body
4 – The Hottie and the Nottie
5 – 10,000 B.C.
6 – 88 Minutes
7 – Meet Dave
8 – A Previous Engagement
9 – My Best Friend’s Girl
10 – Nights in Rodanthe