Which Tennis Player Would You Punch in the Face?

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tennis player punchAlmost every tennis player loses his or her cool on the court or in a press conference and acts unprofessionally. But then there are players who take it further than that, enraging even fans as their behavior steps over the line like a Serena Williams foot fault. And then there are those players, who, if given the chance, you’d want to take a swing at them.

After carefully considering the following, decide who has ticked you off the most and VOTE AT THE BOTTOM.

But first, an introduction.

Boris Becker

After losing a match at Wimbledon in 1989, Becker got drunk and knocked up a woman in London… while his wife was pregnant with their second child.BECKER Boris 199307 SF L e1282449690838

Jimmy Connors

Like McEnroe, Connors is a celebrity to shake hands with now, but back in the day, he was McEnroe Jr. and had his share of tantrums and hissy-fits.

jimmy connors

Tim Henmen

Henmen is an unlikely candidate for this list, but remember that he was the first player to get kicked out of Wimbledon after hitting a tennis ball at a ball girl in 1995.

HenmanBallGirlPA 468x410 e1282449991622

John McEnroe

McEnroe is a great color commentator now and has made hilarious appearances in movies and on television. But back in the day, McEnroe was the biggest crybaby. If I met him now, I’d want to shake his hand, but back in the 80s, I’d say he deserved a punch.

john mcenroe

Ilie Năstase

Though this Romanian, who hit his stride int he 70s, was friendly and likable off the court, his boorish behavior while playing earned him plenty of disqualifications, fines and suspensions. And yes, his nickname was ‘Nasty.’

Nastase Wimb 72 222x300

Serena Williams

First, a disclaimer. Under no circumstance does Gunaxin endorse hitting a woman. But if there’s any woman who can likely take the punch, and deserves a good swat for her behavior, it’s the egotistical, Mr. T-looking Serena Williams. Her tirade at the 2009 U.S. Open was uncalled for, and her ‘apology’ was insincere.3914648296 d892705291 e1282449555709

Roger Federer

Likely the greatest player of all time, Federer hasn’t really had any controversy, but his smug, pretty boy attitude is enough to just piss us off for no reason. Every time he wins a major, which was routine, he’d fall to the ground in bliss, though he hardly broke a sweat. Okay, a punch in the face may be harsh, but watching him lose now is certainly just as good.

roger federer 222x300

I’m giving Andre Agassi a pass for this vote because I sympathize with him for his ‘misdeeds’ that he admitted to in his book, Open. There are several other players who people might want to punch in the face, like Pete Sampras and Andy Roddick for various reasons. If you strongly think they belong on this list, make your case in the comments.

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