That Food Ain’t Spelled Right

frenchtoast2 560x585

Until recently, I had been sadly unaware of the new trend in internet stupidity and potential memes. It seems that -in taking a page from the LOLCatz phenomenon- it has become fun and downright ridiculous to post Photoshopped images of food with gravely misspelled names. Unfortunately I am actually making this sound a far bit more infantile than it actually is. Wait, no I’m actually not… this stuff is about as infantile as you can get. But don’t let that stop you from reading them and chuckling like a goof because they are really funny. First, go HERE and check out 31 of these pics that were collected from 4chan. See? You can’t get through this list without at least smiling at a few, and at most with tears of hilarity pouring down your cheeks. So, what better way for us here at Gunaxin to continue the trend than making our own of course! Well, I made them but since they’re on Gunaxin here, the wealth is instantly shared. Enjoy and while you’re at it, why not submit one of your own in the comment section? Go on, have a stupid laugh at stupid words.

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