100 Most Disturbing Movies of All-Time

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People call movies disturbing for different reasons. The subject matter can be unsettling, the imagery gruesome, or Kathy Bates’ breasts might be exposed. These movies have a way of sticking with a viewer and range from extreme torture porn, to well-made psychological drama. The list includes movies that are disturbing in many ways, and although fake Japanese snuff films take up a portion, we’ve mixed it up a bit; there’s also a movie about heroin-addicted Muppets. A lot of these films are foreign, many difficult to find, and most even harder to watch. Enjoy!

Warning: Some of the movies on this list reach degrees of violence and sodomy that are incredibly tough to sit through. Yeah, there’s quite a bit of nudity, but there’s also a lot of poop eating. If you’re the queasy type, do a little research before checking one out. Also, quite a few are foreign so if you don’t like subtitles stop being a wuss, and quit denying yourself quality cinema for the dumbest reason ever.