The Ab Circle Pro, Babe Maker

abcirclepro152bweb1 300x278Billy Mays may be dead, but the infomercial shall never die. In fact is strives to reach new lows every chance it gets. The other day I bore witness to the latest piece of work out equipment to dominate your television. It is called the Ab Circle Pro.

Note #1 : At the 1:25 mark, it transforms into a bizarre sex device.
Note #2 : At the 2:20 mark, you lose any arousal you had from watching smoking hot chicks swing their asses around.

ab circle pro 226x300This one is an instant classic folks.  It has all the basics:

1) It looks like it actually could work if you used it regularly.

2) It stores under the bed with ease!

3) Smoking hot men and women to make you think that you could either have sex with them or look like them.

4) Strangely hypnotic


6) You can lose weight while watching TV.

This wonderful piece of home gym equipment is a celebrity endorsement away from being the next thigh-master, and for only 5 easy payments of $39.99 you too can get a piece of her:

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