The BCS Committee Returns

Because College Football lacks a playoff system, every year there are a few teams that can claim they weren’t given a fair shake. Would Utah have beaten the Gators last season if they’d played head-to-head? Could Mark Sanchez have led USC to a title run if he’d gotten the chance? And why can’t anyone explain how the BCS system actually works?

Finally, the guessing game can end, as the Global Sports Fraternity has found the group responsible for the confusing BCS rankings.  And, believe it or not, the “BCS Committee” is exactly who you’d expect them to be…a bunch of chimps.


It’s been a long off-season for the Committee, but things certainly haven’t quieted down at BCS Headquarters. And whether it’s the politicians in D.C. or the fans in Utah, there are still plenty calling for a revamped ranking system and better postseason structure.

But despite the grumblings, the BCS Committee has a job to do, and they’ll be damned if anything gets in their way. It’s a new year, which means a clean slate and another chance to get things right. And even if another non-BCS school goes undefeated (we’re looking at you, Boise St.), the Committee is determined to prove the doubters wrong.

As Harold Billingsworth, distinguished CEO of the BCS Committee is known to say: “If you don’t like the way we do things around here, you can sniff my banana hammock.”

Throughout the rest of the season, we’ll be featuring more videos from the BCS Committee, leading up to the decision of who’s going to be playing for the title in Pasadena this January.

But this isn’t the Committee’s first fish fry — they’ve been doing this for years.  So let’s take a look back at how last season played out…

Things started off a bit rough, as the dreaded “P-word” was mentioned:

So, the Committee brought in a new member to change things up:

As the season progressed, Mason had an idea — it’s all about the cheerleaders:

But Ned, the number cruncher, tried to bring it back to the foundation of the system — the Mountain West Algorithm:

Things seemed to be going okay…until Obama spoke out against the BCS:

Finally, it was crunch time. And the BCS Committee taught us all a very important lesson — when all else fails, dance:

Videos courtesy of the Global Sports Fraternity, who’s looking forward to showing you what goes down in ’09!