The Beer Lovers Fridge

homepub 1 194x300Since every party always seems to wind up in the kitchen, it makes sense to have a ready to serve beer tap located there. So how to accomplish this task? Enter the ASKO HomePub and its unique combination of refrigerator, freezer, and draught beer system. It allows you to experience the convenience and pleasure of draught beer in the comfort of your own home!

An extra storage shelf is designated space for two five-liter kegs and lets you chill an extra keg while you drink the first. If that’s not enough, it comes with all the normal bells and whistles, plus an anti-bacterial system, electronic thermostat that guarantees perfect operating performance, and a CO2 cartridge and tap are designed right  into the door for maximum refrigerator storage. All wrapped in a stainless steel package.

In short, its a fridge for a real man. That is if you can find it. To my knowledge it has only appeared in Europe.

Here’s what it looks like in full view:

homepub 2

and here’s the view of just the inside:

homepub 3