The Best Animal Moments From Late Night TV

In honor of Conan O’Brien’s take-over of the Tonight Show, I thought I’d go back and take a look at one of the staples of Late Night Television: Animals. From Jim Fowler to Joan Embry to Jack Hannah, the vast array of zoo animals never ceases to surprise and often scare shitless the hapless hosts. These clips include many Carson bits, David Letterman, and even Jack Paar, and each features -in one form or another- ‘animals’ doing what they do best. Despite the Hollywood elite making their regular pilgrimages to these shows, no other ‘guest’ elicits more a rage of audience and panel responses like misbehaving critters.

jcarsonmonkey 75x75

A Montage Of Wildlife From The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson

Great clips in all, but the finest has to be Johnny’s and Jack’s reaction to the flying Goliath Beetle.

jcarsonanimals 75x75

More Antagonizing Animals With The Master: Johnny

Watch for the smart-assed myna bird.

lettermandog 75x75

Part One Of Three From Mr. Late Night: Dave Letterman

The guy with the Gator is almost as funny as he is completely oblivious.

david letterman dog of the day 75x75

And Part Two

The armadillo ‘love scene’ is like a train wreck: you just can’t turn away.

goatletterman jezebelflv 75x75

And Three

I’ve never seen Dave move so fast.

300px jack paar 75x75

The Second Host Of The Tonight Show, Jack Paar, With His ‘Animal’

Technically it’s not from nature, but doesn’t it remind you of something infinitely more famous?

horny manatee 75x75

Two Classics From Conan: 1)

Oh yes. It’s very, very real.

masturbearvp5 75x75

And, Of Course,  2) The Masturbating Bear

Place your bets to this classic ursine’s appearance on the Tonight Show real soon.

mc 75x75

Even Craig Ferguson Has His Animals

Awesome. Just… awesome.

brianfellow 75x75

And What Late Night Animal List Would Be Complete Without Brian Fellows…

But, since SNL is so stingy with offering up videos to embed, HERE’S your link.