The Best “Back to the Future” Merchandise


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bttf 25th

Just like with any movie nowadays, Back to the Future has always been all about merchandising. But instead of just giving you the basics, we here at Gunaxin combed the webernets to find some of the best and most interesting pieces of memorabilia around with a couple of things you would expect from any other summer blockbuster.

Back To The Future Minimalist Posters full2 560x264

Back to the Future - Minimalist Posters

Mens Navy Back To Danger Dangermouse T Shirt from Chunk print 500 370 322 76

Back to the Future / Danger Mouse T-Shirt


Peabody and Sherman / Back to the Future T-shirt

productimage picture hill valley high school 117

Hill Valley High T-Shirt


"Stuck in the Past" T-Shirt


Back to the Future Action Figures


Most Wanted Non-Existing Action Figures

bttf replica toy car 2009

Replica Toy Cars

Die Cast Cars 560x483

Die Cast Cars

concept drawings back to the future 0 560x417

Back to the Future Concept Drawings

JimHorwatBackToTheFuture 560x362

Back to the Future Collage


Hoverboard Replicas

Hyperdunk 2015 560x389

The Nike Hyperdunk 2015 (sorry, no power laces)

Flux Capacitor1

Flux Capacitor Replicas


Desktop Pictures

A REAL Hoverboard

Time Machine Replica Ride Along

Two Great Site to visit and buy more Back to the Future Gear:

bttf 25th

On July 3rd, 1985 the world was introduced to Back to the Future for the very first time. 25 years later it still remains as one of the greatest movies ever to be released. We here at The Gunaxin Show are huge fans of the movie so we decided we’d give it a nice big silver anniversary tribute with a bunch of articles, a Back to the Future themed Gunaxin Show, as well as an interview with Doctor Emmitt L. Brown himself – Christopher Lloyd. That’s right we pull out all the stops on this one.

The Gunaxin Show is classified as Explicit, so probably NSFW, unless you work here.