The Best Fictional Beer Brands on TV

duffman 300x246The good folks over at Sloshspot came up with a list of The Best Fictional Beer Brands on TV. Of course some are obvious, like Duff Beer, but there are really more on the list then you would expect. We applaud the effort, however there are a couple of Gunaxin favorites missing, such as Samuel Jackson Beer (Chapelle’s Show), and Schmitt’s Gay (SNL). Readers to Sloshspot have also pointed out the absence of LöBrau Beer (Futurama), and Alamo Beer (King of the Hill) from the list.

Here is video of one of the beers featured, Pawtucket Patriot Beer:

Here is the list, but check out the article for the full description and video of each:

  • Duff of The Simpsons
  • Pawtucket Patriot of Family Guy
  • Buzz Beer of The Drew Carey Show
  • Shotz Beer of Laverne and Shirley
  • Dharma Beer of Lost
  • ColdCock of Saturday Night Live
  • Flager Beer of Magnum PI
  • Rocketfuel Malt Liquor of News Radio
  • Romulan Ale of Star Trek
  • Girlie Girl Beer of Married with Children
  • Vudweiser of Mad TV