The Best Holiday Commercials of the Season

CommercialEach year advertisers make last minute and desperate ploys to grab the money from your wallet. And in the past the ads have failed miserably. But they have gotten smarter, and this year have released many more highly effective and memorable ads than I can share with you here. These are ten of the best around, and no that GAP ad sucks. It’s a stupid Glee rip off and should be ignored.


Oh Snap!
Radio Shack

Biz Markie was a one hit wonder from 1989, and they use the backbeat from that one hit, Just a Friend, for this commercial. White people of a certain age will yell at me for not putting commercial at #1, and only partly because kids of those white people are being taught to beat box every day.


Making it fun with Maggie
Ohio Lottery

Fans of Flo will recognize her cousin Maggie, who lives in Ohio, sells lottery tickets and is crafty. She’s not quite as quirky, and is far more realistic, but if you have a crush on Flo then you will gladly settle for Maggie. Be sure to check out some of her other ads on YouTube.


Father and Son Build a House

This ad is adorable and surprising realistic, I especially like the kids laser burning down his Dad’s tree. And it is rare to just see a plain old ad for LEGO. No Space Mission Gama, no Police Patrol the City, no licensed line du jour. Just a commercial reminding us why LEGO are still popular.


Island of Misfit Toys
Verizon Wireless

Verizon’s Red Map, Blue Map series of ads have been as popular and controversial as Verizon is expensive. And if you found an iPhone on the Island of Misfit toys, you’d take it, even if it were to just to sell on Craigslist. The ad is cute, makes it point very well, and even iPhone owners can laugh at it.


Radio Shack

People have used many words to describe this commercial, annoying, obnoxious, horrible, and most of the four letter words. But people who hate this ad forget that the point of a jingle is to get stuck in your head. This ad is awesome, and you are just jealous that you don’t have a laptop or friends to make music with.


Tiny Mandolin

Every year Garmin does another one of these ads to the Carol of the Bells, and every year they are one of the best holiday ads. They also display a level of corporate intelligence usually lost in America, they know they only sell their product once a year. Keep up the good work Garmin, and I cannot wait too see what you come up with next year.


Michael Bay
Victoria’s Secret

Wow, Michael Bay sucks at making commercials too. This is here for the obvious reasons, but really, no car crashes, no explosions? Lame. You have one gag Mike, stick to it.


Loser Dad
Nintendo Wii

Dad shows his love for his family by allowing them to unmercifully kick his ass at any and every video game on the Wii. This does not make him less of a man….ok it does. A real dad uses video games to teach kids a life lesson about losing, and to build their competitive edge. No yielding, not even at checkers!


Mrs Clause, Naughty List
Boost Mobile

Did you know how dirty Mrs Claus was? Well now you know that she can’t even sit still one damn night of the year. Whore. Give her credit for being smart enough to get rid of the evidence. And give her the Cougar of the Year award.


Return to the Doghouse

This ad is sheer brilliance. Realistic, cute, funny, and they make the point. No jewelry on Christmas morning could lead to a long year. Sorry, but it is true. Guys, don’t screw up Christmas. I love how arrogant he is, like a real man he knows the game plays it very well. Kudos good sir! Of course it took him awhile to learn, as he was also featured in last year’s campaign.