The Bulldog R/C Rider Is One Boy Toy You Need To Own

Little R/C cars are fun. You get to race them around your driveway and have them do all kinds of crazy stunts. The only real problem with R/C cars is that after you’re done playing with them, you can’t drive them home. Well 3Z Scale wants to change that with the Bulldog R/C Rider.

The Bulldog is a giant 1/3 scale, gasoline-powered, radio control truck which can be converted to run like a compact four wheel ATV. It features a 110 CC four stroke single cylinder engine and is controlled remotely by a 2.4 GHz radio transmitter. When you’re done playing around with it, just strap on the handlebars and ride it home. It recently made its debut at Dealer Expo 2009 to a bunch of excited, giddy guys.  No word yet on how much this costs.