The Coolest Doctor Who Toys Ever


Just in case any of you is currently holed up in a Turkish Gulag somewhere, the new Doctor Who series premiered a month ago with fresh-faced Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor and his new, incredibly cute partner, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. The series definitely received a boost in the right direction, thanks in part to the directorial duties of Steven Moffat. You see, writer/director Russell T. Davies left the show with David Tennant (The 10th Doctor), much to the delight of those who found his story arcs rather crappy. Be that as it may, it’s the Tenth Doctor and his enemies we’re discussing here.

Last year during Tennant’s run, little toys akin to Marvel, G.I. Joe, and Transformer’s Mini-Figures called the Time Squad featuring The Doctor and several of his enemy minions were released. Why I’m just now finding out about these is both ridiculous and completely explainable. I’m sure many of you have already seen these, but, thanks to Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday (May 1st) I, too, am privy. Our local Comic establishment that I, unfortunately, frequent far less often than I used to, called Fanfare ordered one box of these awesome and adorably cute Time Squad Figures Featuring The Doctor, A Weeping Angel, an Ood, a Sontaran, a Clockwork Man, and a Cyberman. I managed to snatch up three of these including the Doctor. This is, however, only a taste of the entire set of 15. Here’s what it looks like:


You can, luckily, find just about all of these on eBay or a few other dealers online. In addition, the packs available here only come in 1-per pack, unlike some areas that have them 2-per. This sucks, but what we offer is the ability to collect ‘parts’ that come with each character to eventually build yourself a Matt Simm ‘Master’! I have his head (comes with Tennant) and and arm and a leg. These are older toys, but definitely collectibles for any Doctor Who fan.

timesquad1 560x587

The 10th Doctor


Weeping Angel


Clockwork Man



timesquad5 300x300

The Master



timesquad7 300x286


timesquad8 9

A Scarecrow and Pyrovile

timesquad10 300x255




timesquad12 287x300

Vashta Nerada

timesquad13 260x300


timesquad14 266x300

Black Dalek