The Coolest Instrumental Dr. Who Themes


By far one of the most recognizable Sci-Fi themes of all time has to be the iconic Dr. Who theme. Composed in the early 1960s for the original run of the show by Ron Granier, the music instantly became one of the most significant and ahead-of-its-time pieces ever set to celluloid. Check out this Wiki article for the whole story. Though some changes (major and minor) have beset the theme over its many incarnations, it has largely remained the same. In fact, so much so that many amateur musicians have taken it upon themselves to mix it in many different ways. Such as with a Tesla Coil. Check out the myriad ways the Dr. Who theme can sound on a variety of instruments and the like.  Very cool.

Car Horns

Mario Paint


Metal Style

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar

Six-String Unplugged


Gypsy-Jazz Guitar Style

Synth Computer Program


And here’s all the televised themes