The Death of the Metrodome Roof

Metrodome Intro e1292177261230

The Metrodome... during better days.

You might not have heard if you live on the left coast where 65-degree nights forces lined hoodies or in Denver where warning signs of the apocalypse are setting in (we’ve had two days with flurries, not accumulation whatsoever, but the hills are drenched in powder)… the midwest is getting absolutely hammered with snow.

The onslaught put the roof at the Metrodome, and thus this week’s game against the Giants, to an exciting and entertaining death… and we are blessed by the powers of technology to watch it go down.

The early videos available from YouTube are all coming via the folks on the couch… when one of the major networks gives us one we can use of the collapse (from the inside, its must-see TV), we’ll post it here.

The Worldwide Leader won’t let us embed their footage… here’s a link.

The game was moved to New York and will be played on Monday night… so it’s a double header for the nightcap, folks. Sounds like a nice way to start the holidays. (Unless you live in Minnesota, where it really sucks a fat one. Regardless, we thought you’d enjoy.)

Maybe this is just the first step in a post-apocalyptic America where President Richard Starkey governs from the Metrodome in Minneapolis, where the Vikings used to play.