The Egregious Eight: Worst of the Worst in the NFL


Atleast the Redskins have Cheerleaders


Pittsburgh Steelers

09000d5d814de8dc gallery 600 75x75Losing three games to teams with a combined 9-28 record certainly qualifies as a bumpy road. Talk about going from the penthouse to the outhouse.


Oakland Raiders

Raiders 75x75Had JaDreadful Russell been benched sooner, the Raiders could have been in the playoff hunt. Is there finally hope for Raider Nation?


Washington Redskins

Skins 75x75Coulda, woulda, shoulda…but the Redkins definitely should have handed the undefeated New Orleans Saints team its first lost of the season. Didn’t happen though and the Skins are now 3-9.


Detroit Lions

09000d5d814bef3b gallery 600 75x75A record of 2-10 is better than being winless…but it still sucks. The Lions have some talent on offense, but will need to get better defensively next season.


Kansas City Chiefs

Chief 75x75Exceptional at one thing this year…getting blown out. We personally watched the Chargers obliterate them two weeks ago and the Broncos did the same thing last weekend. Just a putrid football team.


Cleveland Browns

Browns 75x75
Played reasonably well in the second half against the Chargers on Sunday and carried that over to a victory against the Steelers. Maybe Eric Mangini will be keeping his job after all. Ahhhh…no he won’t.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs 75x75Perhaps there is a reason that there has never been a professional coach named Raheem. Josh Freeman is a promising young quarterback, but throwing five interceptions is always a recipe for disaster.


St. Louis Rams

Rams 75x75This team is Stephen Jackson and a dog shit taco. Kyle Boller might have hooked up with Carrie Prejean, but he hasn’t hooked up with many of his no-name receivers on the football field. It has been ugly with a capital U for the Rams once again this year.