The Erebus from iBuyPower

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iBuyPower has designed the Erebus to be the ultimate liquid-cooled computing experience. The Erebus will be out on May 18th for all the hard core gamers out there. First I will give my impression of the test drive I had on the Erebus, then I will discuss the technical side of the Erebus.

The Erebus puts all of the other gaming computers I have used to shame. Some of the games I played on the Erebus were Call of Duty: Black Ops and Assassin’s Creed and I enjoyed every minute of playing each game. While I was playing on the Erebus I could not believe how quiet the system ran. If you are a gamer this is a computer that is as close as you can get to a customized PC without doing any special ordering.

In the picture below you can see the Erebus comes with a Blu-ray Disc drive which is a great addition to this unit. There are USB ports a plenty with mic and headphone jacks which I found very favorable since I record podcasts every week.

Erebus 2

The Erebus system runs on a total of four radiators, three dual 120mm radiators, and a Quad radiator in the top of the case. The Erebus is running an Intel Core I7 980X as well as three NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580’s. The power comes from an Antec AX 1200Watt power supply.


The Erebus is overclocked to 4.4 GHz and reaches just 140° F on full load. It holds 10 white 120 mm fans that are set throughout the case and offer a stunning contrast to the blue lighting and rich, brushed-black case. A precise system of arterial tubing is in place to keep the computer cold and the liquid pulsing. A quick-fill port is located on the top of the case, so you can easily add more water.

There are six hard-drive bays that are spaced out for optimum cooling, and four 5.25” bays. Erebus also features advanced pro wiring. NZXT sleeved blue lighting is fitted around the inside of the case to enhance the dark theme of Erebus. For more information, visit iBuyPower.