The Great Male Survey, from

Banner has released their 2009 Edition of “The Great Male Survey” with some compelling results in the areas of Dating & Sex, Lifestyle, and Men in 2009.

Who is “the modern man”? He’s not easy to identify, and attempts to do so typically descend into vague terminology like “macho” and “metrosexual.” What we need is data — real, hard numbers — that provide insight into how contemporary men think and behave in their professional lives, during their down-time and over the course of their romantic relationships. We at AM have that data. We have that data because more than 50,000 of our readers supplied it to us by participating in the 2009 Great Male Survey.

Here is a look at some of the most interesting results :


  • 83% Think Men get screwed in Divorce Court
  • 95% Would date a woman with a higher income
  • 81% Make an effort to be romantic
  • 69% Have fantasized about a partner’s friend
  • 53% Have lied about the number of sex partners they’ve had


  • 46% Don’t give a damn what people think about their car
  • 81% Think that women put too much value on financial worth
  • 51% Think that the drink they order reflects on their masculinity
  • 29% Feel they are underpaid at work
  • 20% Own at least four suits


  • 75% Spent the most time in front of their computer screen (instead of TV or Phone)
  • 74% Read the newspaper less than they used to
  • 61% Haven’t seen their career affected by the economic crisis
  • 57% Haven’t become more interested in buying a small car
  • 29% Use social networking as their primary communication tool