Gunaxin Show #2 – Stephen Brunt, Fictional Gadgets, and Fallen Sodas

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Show number two kicks off with Mike, Art, and Zach discussing Zach’s article about fictional gadgets. We find out that some of them are probably better left uninvented and which ones could be used for devious purposes. Next we pay homage to some of the soda brands over the years that have tried to make a dent and have failed miserably. We find out about Zach’s affinity for Mello Yellow and how Pepsi Blue tried real hard not to look like Windex. Finally we spoke with Stephen Brunt, author of Gretzky’s Tears, about that fateful day when all of Hockey changed. He gives us a behind the scenes look at The Gretzky Trade, and finishes up by answering the Six Questions.

The Gunaxin Show is classified as Explicit, so probably NSFW, unless you work here.


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