Gunaxin Show #28 – The Noob Dad, Founders Who Split, and Hateful Chick Flicks

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This week our old friend Chris Illuminati returns to the show to talk about his new site “” Since becoming a new father, Chris talks about the joys of a newborn, how easy it is to be wrist deep in shit, and why you should never go beyond the curtain in the delivery room. But first we talk with Erica from Gunaxin about a few of her articles that are out there in the interwebs including one featured on about some popular chick flicks that actually despise women. We also talk about the greatest moment in television history (see below). It’s a show chock-full of bodily fluids and uncomfortable Nazi Thanksgiving conversations.

The Gunaxin Show is classified as Explicit, so probably NSFW, unless you work here.

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The Greatest Moment in Television History