Gunaxin Show #38 – Kristina from Twinkies and Gin, and Worst Superheroes Live from Comic Con

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This week we talk with all around awesome chick Kristina, one of the founders of Guys, grab your woman and make her listen to Kristina because she preaches the gospel on what guys want out of their ladies. It’s the simple things really. We talk about how fantasy football is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly by the ladies.

Then we give you a little taste of some of our crap -happenings at the NY Comic-Con as we talk with Joe from Comic News Insider about the Worst Superheroes of All Time.  Here are a few then check out the show to see who made the cut

Arms Fall Off Boy1 300x300Arms Fall Off Boy – So his power is he can take his arms off and beat bad guys to death with them? Does this really warrant tights and a helmet? This guy doesn’t even deserve to be muscular. Lat pull downs must a bitch with this stupid power. Put on some pants, Floyd.


Matter-Eater Lad – According to Wikipedia he “possesses the power to eat matter in all forms, as do all natives of his home planet, Bismoll (presumably a pun on Pepto-Bismol).” Product placement… Nice! I think I speak for all when I say: Eat Shit…. Lad.

Red Bee 207x300

Red Bee – In the dangerous underbelly of Oregon Nazis and Gangsters, who would you rather have? Someone like Captain America with his chiseled chin, his invincible shield and super strength? Or how about Red Bee with his…. red and yellow suit… “stinger” gun… and the incredible power of… TRAINED BEES!!! That’s right, he’ll release his favorite trained bee out of his belt buckle and the bee will… umm… annoy the shit out of you! Yeah! Or maybe he’ll just get stuck in between the window screen and the window and then you can go on with your day.

color kid

Color Kid – Color Kid has the ability to change the color of an object at will. Wearing white after Labor Day? No problem! The new living room drapes don’t match the couch throw pillows? Got ya covered! Your new Rollerblades don’t match your cut-off tank top and boy shorts?… I think you know where I’m going with this. Just call the Color Kid if you want to go from drab to FAB-U-LOUS!!!

But that’s not all. Check out the show to hear all the shitty superheroes that also made the cut.

The Gunaxin Show is classified as Explicit, so probably NSFW, unless you work here.