Gunaxin Show #50 – Oscars Preview with Vince from FilmDrunk

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It’s that time again. When Hollywood’s finest come out of the woodwork so they can take turns congratulating each other with hardware and hand-jobs. The Oscars are here and this year Vince is back from Filmdrunk along with Scott our very own movie expert. We talk about how Will Smith and his family are to be stopped before they destroy us all, why John Gotti is spinning in his grave, who we think are shoe-in Oscar picks and Vince shares some of his “Paul Blart Presents” emails from his Frotcast listeners. So thank the academy, thank your agent, and then thank us for giving you an inside look at who will win this year’s most coveted, soon-to-be pawned for blow, gold statues.

The Gunaxin Show is classified as Explicit, so probably NSFW, unless you work here.