The Jersey Round-Up 11/3

Jersey Round-Up brings two updates today.

First, as mentioned in the last Jersey Round-Up, the Blackhawks have officially unveiled their new third jerseys tonight. Below is a photo of the jersey in action:

blackhawks jersey

Second, there is news that Canada will have to change its hockey jerseys for the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics. According to

Team Canada may be forced to play without its familiar Maple Leaf logo at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the victim of an International Olympic Committee rule that is only now being enforced.

The IOC regulation forbids sport federations from displaying their logos on uniforms at the Olympics, which includes Hockey Canada’s trademark Maple Leaf with a hockey player. Hockey Canada says it has been able to get around the rule in the past by having the Canadian Olympic Committee sign an exemption from Games uniform regulations.

But the COC says times have changed. The IOC strictly enforced its rules at the recent Beijing Games — notably with the Brazilian and Argentine soccer teams — and is expected to do the same in Vancouver.

canadaThe end result of this news and how the IOC wants to proceed remains to be seen. But this early news suggests that Team Canada will go in a completely new direction with its jerseys. To the right is an example of a former Team Canada jersey. Note team canadathe Maple Leaf symbol in the center. That’s the exact same logo as the Canada Hockey uses, which is the governing body of the sport in Canada (think of it as an equivalent to USA Basketball). To the left is the isolated Canada Hockey logo. The IOC is stating that any country can’t use the same logo for a sports federation and on its jerseys. For comparison, in the United States, U.S.A. Hockey is the governing body of U.S. national usateams. To the left is their logo. Guess we won’t see that on Team USA jerseys either. Not a big deal for Americans, but in Canada, hockey is everything. And the Maple Leaf equals Canada, with a long history and tradition of being on sports jerseys. Canada doesn’t want to change, especially with the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. We’ll have to see how this plays out.